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A team of professionals who have extensive experience with website design and SEO services in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see you succeed.
We provide clients with the best digital marketing solutions to increase your company’s visibility and profit.

Francis Gordon is a leader in digital marketing.

Francis Gordon is a well-established digital marketing agency that helps your business grow. Francis Gordon provides a digital marketing solution for all your business-related needs, from website design, SEO, graphic design or social media marketing.

Here at Francis Gordon, the team carefully perceives your company requirements and provides: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Graphic Design, Website Design and Social Media Marketing services.

The Francis Gordon team will assist you to set up your business and make your dream business a reality. With over a decade of experience, Francis Gordon’s team has an incredibly professional standard of practice when it comes to setting up your business.

Our main objective is to continually provide our clients with the best business solutions to help them improve their productivity and drive them to achieve success. We customise a solution that will work with any requirements of our clients for growing their business.

To achieve these objectives, we combine our highly-skilled professional staff with innovative technologies, thereby assuring our clients that they have a team of reliable, efficient staff working for them that will allow them to focus on their company’s top priorities.

One of our major value additions to any business is our ability to meet the requirements of both simple and complex projects.

Add value and grow your business with Francis Gordon today.

Our Core Values



Being honest and transparent with our team and clients.



Respecting other cultures and people.



Continuous learning and adapting to novelty and change.



Working as one to achieve a common goal.



Dedicating ourselves days and nights to make our client’s dreams a reality.



Our passion and energy inspire those around us.  We meet our challenges with creativity and optimism, pushing ourselves beyond our limits achieving new heights.

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