Do you want to start outsourcing your business processes but your doubts about outsourcing are holding you back? Don’t let your doubts hold you back.

As a business owner, you’re most likely aware that outsourcing services can be a viable and reliable option to help get work done. While there are risks to consider when handing over select business processes and tasks, outsourcing has been known to increase business productivity and efficiency.

If you’re looking to invest in outsourcing marketing services, here are our answers to some frequently asked questions to provide you with better insights on how to make outsourcing work for your business.

Read these frequently asked questions on outsourcing and start outsourcing today.

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Francis Gordon offers professional services that your business needs in terms of Accounting and Finance, Customer Service, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Business Growth. We can be your partner in scaling your business, providing you with the latest technology and access to skilled resources. Hand in hand, FG wants to give your business a low-cost alternative in streamlining your operations and reach its maximum potential.

How Does The Interview Process Work?

Our Account Manager will work with you to assess the requirements and number of people you will be needing for your team. The recruitment process will present candidates who will meet your set criteria and encourage you to interview them.

When choosing for a candidate, we look for a number of attributes including skills, experience, attitude, cultural fit, career goals, and passion. Once you have selected the appropriate staff, it is just a matter of choosing a start date.

What Hours Will My Staff Work?

You choose the hours your staff work. This includes: the holidays they observe, start times, and break times. Typically staff work a standard 8-hour day, 5 days a week with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.

We comply with all local labour laws and pay penalty rates as required. If you need your team to work afternoon or night shifts, just let us know. We will help you find the appropriate staff.

How Does Your Pricing Model Work?

Francis Gordon has a very simple and transparent pricing model:

Staff Salary + Francis Gordon Fee = Total Monthly Cost.

Francis Gordon does not charge a markup on the direct salary of the staff member. The Francis Gordon fee is used to pay for the staff’s workspace (including power, networking, and environmental systems), office and technical support, and staff benefits (social club, retention programs, free drinks and food, entertainment and medical insurance). Much more flexible pricing is available. You can pay on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual basis.

Am I Locked Into A Long-Term Contract?

We do not have long-term lock-in contracts, but 30 days’ notice is required when disengaging staff. This gives them a reasonable notice period and allows us to plan their career transition.

Also, you can set the length of service you need beforehand.

Is My Staff Dedicated To Me?

Your staff is dedicated to you only. We provide talented, dedicated staff that actually become a part of your company.

We believe the foundation of any great company is its staff and the relationships formed by working closely together. Efficiency comes from understanding the people you are working with.

How Do I Contact My Team?

Because your staff member becomes a part of your local office environment, we encourage the use of the standard communications methods that the rest of your staff use.

Your account manager and our technical staff will assist with the integration if required. Francis Gordon supported messaging includes: Email, Skype, VoIP, Google Hangouts and Meet, and WhatsApp.

How Hard Is It To Scale My Team?

Francis Gordon understands that circumstances can change rapidly, so we have developed an engagement model that is both fair and flexible. For growing your team, the process of adding staff can commence as soon as we receive notification of your intention.

We will start sending you candidates as soon as we know your requirements. You simply choose your new staff member and select a suitable start date. For reducing the size of your team, disengaging staff members is also a simple process but usually requires 30 days’ notice.

In What Industry Do We Offer Our Customer Support Services?

Francis Gordon is a business service provider that offers good quality service and works on behalf of our Client’s Company.

We provide
different Admin and Customer services like Accounting and Bookkeeping, Strategic Procurement, Customer service, Business Development, Sales Support, Virtual assistant, Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

Why Choose Francis Gordon?

Francis Gordon has already existed in the business for 13 years. In these years, we have striven for development as we continue to expand our team along with the technology we’ve been using in order to provide quality service to our clients. Francis Gordon also believes that everything the team does is our Company’s success so each member is recognised in real-time by their accomplishments.

Francis Gordon also provides full support to its members. This will therefore improve everyone’s performance in providing the high-quality service that our clients want. A happy and satisfied member brings good performance. We take care of all of our members along with your business.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Francis Gordon is really easy. First, we need to fully understand your needs. An account manager will contact you to discuss your needs and goals. By building a profile of your company, we can better cultivate your solution to your exact requirements and find the candidates who suit your required skills and the culture of your company.

Kindly click the “Contact Us” or ``Talk to a Specialist`` button so that we can set you an appointment call with us.

Have you been told that you could sell fire to Charizard, water to the whale, magic to a mage, or whatever strange comparative a colleague might come up with as they watch you do your thing? If so, we are happy to let you know that our sales and marketing team will be the right fit for you!

Teamwork: We go beyond your expectations

We’ve been at this a while, so Australians know Francis Gordon and they have some pretty high expectations. To exceed those expectations, our sales and marketing teams work in unison to make sure Australians know our story and want to be a part of it.

We also make sure that everyone in this big, beautiful country of ours has access to the coolest and latest technology.

Development: Go All-In

Building a top-notch sales and marketing team doesn’t happen overnight. We know that it involves a lot of support and training - and when you’re in the business of marketing and selling technology, learning and developing becomes a constant.

We offer tons of solutions to help you succeed in your current role and help you prepare for your next one. If you’re all in, we will do all we can to support your career aspirations with us.

Flexibility: We work at your best time

With our technology, one of the things that you can market or sell is flexibility. That same flexibility that we’re promoting to our customers is on offer to our team. We know that all work and no play is bad for you and bad for business. Because of that, we’re big believers in balance.

We’ll do what we can to get you the tools to work where you are most productive and still be able to enjoy the rest of your life.

Impact: Connect to the world with us

Maybe you’re reading this from your laptop at a café, or on your tablet commuting to a job you just don’t love, or just about anywhere else you can find an internet connection. This is what we’re selling – that connection. That’s a pretty great thing to be a part of.

This doesn’t even include the incredible connections we’re building in our communities or the many, many ways we are keeping the planet green, our team engaged, and our customers happy. We are happy to discuss this on our call, just send us a message.

We’re the ones that make sure that every time you send a text, make a call, post to social media – it goes through. We’re your link for everything that Solutions Technology has to offer and we are really proud of the fast, reliable, and near-ubiquitous solutions and services we have built for you. And, we’re always looking for super-innovative, super-engaged, super-passionate people to help us keep the lights on, figuratively speaking.

Teamwork: Work better together

Our operations team put their collective shoulders to the wheel every day to make sure that the latest technology is supported for our Solutions and Services. We also take pride in standing shoulder-to-shoulder to resolve any problem that stands in our way of getting the given technological service up and running again smoothly.

When it comes to the kinds of complex problems we face every day, all of our heads are much better than one. We work together to bring our many ideas to life.

Development: We embrace technology as it grows

You’ve probably already noticed this, but technological development doesn’t stop. Today, there are more connected devices on the planet than there are people. There are already a lot of possible technologies that can solve issues previously unsolvable before. It’s amazing stats like that plus an unquenchable thirst to be ahead of the curve that keeps us learning.

All of us. All of the time.

We challenge ourselves and each other to find new and even better ways to connect Australians to technology quickly and reliably and we enjoy every moment of it. We bring the technological connection to your business, family, friends, and community.

Flexibility: We create the perfect work environment

One of the great things about our technology is the flexibility it allows us in our personal and professional lives. We like that about what we do – and we believe the same flexibility we create for our customers through our solutions should be available to our team.

Whether your idea of the perfect work environment is the great outdoors or the great indoors, we can find something that works for you.

Impact: We have dependable solutions

It matters to us that our customers and anyone else who finds themselves depending on our Solutions are able to connect to what they need. From the lone driver with a flat on a dark and deserted road somewhere up north to the urbanite trying to call for a cab on a busy downtown street, our Solutions and Services have their backs. Silently, reliably and without anyone really giving it a second thought.

And, that’s pretty much how we like it. As the power behind those Solutions and Services, we come to work every day knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of Australians.

A responsible team with great minds? That’s us! – we are responsible for building and delivering technologies that were once thought to be impossible in the past. Is your company in need of tech support? If so, Francis Gordon is here for you!

Teamwork: Dream Big! Bring Us Your Ideas

Our endgame is to bring the best, most innovative solutions to Australia and that isn’t something that can be done alone. It takes a tremendous amount of brainpower to define the future and we all work together to make it happen. Sure, we are a bunch of great minds, but we certainly don’t all think alike. That’s one of the great things about our team – diversity.

We encourage every person to share their ideas, speak up and dream big. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll offer you a team committed to incubating them, nurturing them, and turning them into solutions that are redefining what technology can do for Australians.

Development: We bring innovation to life

Our team members get the best of both worlds; the flexibility to develop skills and expertise across different teams and technologies, and the agility and speed to bring innovation to life. You invest in us and we’ll invest in you. As a team that works with technology, we understand the value of potential, and we are 100% behind you to make sure you achieve your dream and goals.

We have programs and learning opportunities available to help get you what you need to succeed so that our entire team can continue to bring innovation to Australians.

Flexibility: We support team collaboration

You know what technology can do – how it can make your life better. We know that the technology we create and support is making things a lot easier for our customers, and we want to make sure it helps you, too. We believe in balance and we also know our technology can help you achieve it. We encourage mobile work – from anywhere you can find WiFi – just as much as we encourage teamwork.

We’ll keep you connected: to our customers, to your coworkers, and to the rest of your life.

Impact: Be part of the technology revolution

Imagine a world with no WiFi, no smartphones, no ubiquitous access to your money, your information, your friends, and your life. Although we can’t take credit for those technological innovations, we are part of the revolution that introduced them to the world, and this next wave is going to take interconnectedness to a whole new level.

We are pushing boundaries and ready to boldly go where no one has gone before. If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, then consider joining our team. We are changing the world, one innovation at a time and we’d love to have you on board.

Providing best-in-class customer service and support – we understand what great customer experience is. It’s not just about doing your job, it’s about making sure that the person on the other end of the phone knows you care. Most importantly, we believe every one of our more than 25 million customers in Australia deserves to be heard, cared about, and treated with respect. That’s how we put our customers first – one at a time, each and every day.

Our approach to service is not your typical customer contact – we connect with customers in a number of different ways including on the phone, over online chat, and through email, just to name a few. We are empowered to provide end-to-end support and encouraged to problem solve and take accountability for the customer’s experience. If you’re on board with this kind of customer experience, then this is the team for you.

Teamwork: We celebrate everyone's success

No one does it alone at Francis Gordon. Our contact center teams are small and supportive.

We know that delivering incredible and outstanding service requires a lot of teamwork and you can count on the experience and expertise of your teammates to keep you informed, energized, and enthusiastic. At Francis Gordon, we make sure to celebrate and recognize our team members regularly.

Development: We are here to help

We’ve got you covered for both on-the-job training and skills development that will help you build the career you want. There are many different career paths available within our contact centers. If you have the drive and desire to keep learning and developing, we’re here to help.

Not only do we support your development, but we encourage our team members to participate in process improvement workshops, share their expertise and feedback, and help us implement their innovative ideas.

Flexibility: Enabling World-Class Support

In our world-class contact center, our job is to provide a world-class customer experience – that means being available when customers need us. We know that it isn’t always easy, but we also want you to enjoy your job, so we do what we can to make that happen.

Advance schedules and the ability to trade or give away shifts are a few of the options available to you. And, there’s also our at-home-agent program, which lets certain teams and team members work from home.

Impact: Take responsibility for your success

As part of our contact center team, you are on the front line, helping us build and strengthen our bond with Australians and reminding every single one of our customers why they chose Francis Gordon in the first place. We can’t think of any other role that more directly affects the success of our business.

You are the face of Francis Gordon and the heart of our brand promise. It’s a big deal to us and, if you get that, then you should join us.

Do you provide a service-level agreement (SLA) and how flexible is it?

We are going to base our customer’s SLA on our Client’s needs but like most of the BPO service providers, we are going to have a maximum limit of 2hrs in assisting emails once received by our team. Our team will be focused and will only service one customer at a time to bring 100% accuracy while meeting the expected SLA. Our client’s can also suggest their ideal SLA especially to those companies who will be needing call support asisstance.

The agreement should lay out how the provider will take on the project from your company. Deploy a small remote or on-site team to coordinate and complete the work. Included in the agreement are delivery dates, the effectiveness of the work, surveys to ensure the quality of service, and time frames for the availability of services and service request response times.

Can I outsource even though I’m a small or medium-sized business?

Yes you can! Making use of business outsourcing services isn’t just for big companies with big budgets! Innovation in technology has made it more and more accessible to businesses of all sizes. In fact, if you’re a small or medium company, outsourcing can help you scale your business. We support all kinds of business sizes since Francis Gordon is a very flexible outsourcing company.

We are really happy to assist our new prospective clients and take care of their business like our own. Just let us know how many team members and what skills you will be needing for your company so we can properly plan and outsource the best team members for your business.

How do you handle IT strategy vs. emergency support?

There is a huge difference between IT Support and Emergency Support and if we are going to assist a company who will be needing an emergency support service, we will be allocating enough professional team members (that have a connection or knowledge regarding the business) to assist with that LOB (Line of business) so that the customer’s SLA will be met and we can bring customer satisfaction.

IT Support service is just a normal inquiry where the team can create a ticket or transaction number before we can further assist their IT related concern. On the other hand, Emergency Support is mainly focused on the team’s responsive action once the phone rings or once the email has been received.

Who will govern our IT services?

We have an allocated degree holder and professional IT team that will assist all IT related concerns for our customers. We are going to invest a lot in outsourcing IT Support specialists since our main goal is to achieve a 100% digitally working software and hardware solution.

What is your reporting process?

Formal reporting should be listed in your SLA and include the standard set of reports provided and a timeline for the delivery of those reports from the provider. The frequency and scope of the formal reports between the provider and in-house manager should take place according to the schedule. However, many providers offer informal reports as work is completed.

How will you adopt new configuration management?

For routine changes, our team SLA should cover implementation. To make it happen, our customer should have a discussion with our Management Team so that we can build a plan before the implementation. Better communication plus good planning makes better performance in adopting new configuration.