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Our Website Creation & Design Services

We specialise in creating websites for Australia, having extensive experience with Australia and the surrounding Asia Pacific region.

We use creative and custom designs to actualise your company’s web design vision and ideas.

Every year, we work on hundreds of websites and offer fresh perspectives based on our extensive experience.

Your online presence is largely influenced by the style and development of your website. 

Improving your website’s design, even a little, can have a huge positive impact on your company’s success and revenue.

Business websites that are straightforward but poorly optimised are no longer practical. 

Customers are increasingly aware of online presence and decide to do business with others based on a company’s website and online presence.

By giving our clients high quality and customised websites, Francis Gordon has helped numerous Australian businesses grow online.


We build your custom website using WordPress.

We customise the themes we use to ensure that your website looks good, runs quick, and impresses all your customers.

Blow them away with the best website on the web.


We can help you transfer, update, or rebuild your existing website. While we focus primarily with WordPress, we are flexible to customising any website with any given CMS (content management system).

We are flexible to your needs – let us know what your website needs are today and we will provide a free quote.

Committed to web quality and standards

Our development process is designed to produce websites that comply with web standards from valid, accessible, and semantically correct codes to user-friendly URLs.

Best practices for code quality are implemented since failure to do so could result in risks and errors. Nobody wants this to happen since it will expose the website to security risks.

The websites we create are appealing and effective because we include our clients’ vision into every step of the development process. 

We know how to design and create a website that is 100% genuine to the client’s requirements.

We’ll collaborate with you to create the greatest website design that captures the essence of your brand and serves your marketing goals.

Website Creation & Design FAQ

Our prices vary depending on your specific needs, but on the low end $500 AUD is standard. On the high end this can be up to $2,000 AUD or more.

Contact us today for a free quote.

The turnaround time for the simplest functionalized website is three to five days. However, we try to achieve a turnaround time of six to eight weeks on average.

This extra time is important in ensuring a more robust and complete approach to your website and its longevity in remaining relevant online.

All new websites we create have a mobile-friendly, responsive layout. 

This design and development strategy aims to increase the website’s readability and functionality across a variety of devices.

Yes, you will have complete control.

In fact, when creating a new website, acceptance and turnover are two of our top goals. 

With the assistance of our manual and instruction, you will learn how to handle it on its own. 

Our development staff will be available in case you have any more queries.

In case you want to continue with us to optimise your website for search engine optimisation (SEO), see here for our SEO services.

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